Those Are Not My Underpants! by Melissa Martin [Hardcover]

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Publisher Marketing:
"Someone lost their underpants! There, dangling from that tree branch! Are they YOURS? New York Times bestselling author/illustrator of Can I Be Your Dog?, Troy Cummings, brings to life Melissa Martin's gentle but hilarious read aloud, filled with silliness and gleeful anticipation of THE END.
One morning, Bear Cub wakes up and finds underwear hanging on a tree limb. Who could they belong to? Ever inquisitive, he sets out on a quest through the forest to find the tighty whities' rightful owner. Could the underpants belong to Squirrel? Moose? Snake, maybe? Salmon?! Each animal denies that the bloomers belong to them, but readers will surely be giggling every step on the way...especially when they find out who the underpants actually belong to.
Award-winning illustrator Troy Cummings delivers his signature warmth and humor to what could have been a very embarassing tail, er, I mean TALE, by author and child therapist Melissa Martin."

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