Doom - Deluxe Double Red Colored Vinyl Edition - Game Soundtrack by Mick Gordon

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Deluxe Double Vinyl with 20 favorite tracks selected by the developers pressed on 180g red vinyl and cased in a deluxe sleeve with full printed inner sleeves.


1 1. Dogma

2 Rip & Tear

3 At Doom's Gate

4 Rust

5 Dust & Guts

6 2. Demigod

7 Hellwalker

8 Authorization; Olivia Pierce

9 Flesh & Metal

10 Ties That Bind

11 BFG Division

12 Argent Energy

13 Biowaves

14 Olivia's

15 Doom (Chad Mossholder Remix)

16 Transistor Fist

17 Dr. Samuel Hayden

18 III. Dakhma

19 Damnation

20 Uac Report File; Shto36U3

21 6_Idkill. Vega. Cih

22 Mastermind, IV. Doom

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