Caravans / Watership Down Suite

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1. Caravan on the Move
2. Main Title
3. Russian Dance
4. Inside Sardar Khan's Palace
5. Journey to Badek
6. The Camp at Qualir
7. The Desolate Valley
8. Caravan Song
9. Qualir at Night
10. Storm in the Desert
11. Becky's Waltz
12. Kochi Dancer
13. The Aftermath
14. Caravans
15. Minuet at Nazrullah's


1. Watership Down
2. On Watership Down
3. Military Theme and Development
4. Baroque Tune
5. Firth's Blessing
6. Fantasia on a Flying Theme
7. Winter on Watership Down
8. Chase Adventure
9. A Kind of Dream

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